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Pride in Music [working title] is the second in a series of charitable human rights solidarity Albums that leverage the historical power of music as an agent of positive social change around the globe. PIM is an effort of Crowdsourcing Human Rights (CHR).

Despite some isolated advances, the Rainbow community in Africa suffers from a culture of ignorance, intolerance, and discrimination incited by antiquated colonial-era laws. Political and religious leaders spew latent homophobia homophobia to divert attention from their failures. Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe called homosexuality "un-African" and a "white disease." Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni labels LGBTQI rights a "Western import."

The first album in this series, HOMANITY, released in May 2021, featured prominent Iranian musicians, including Iran's legendary artist, Sattar ( Available on Spotify and iTunes, the music and stories from these brave artists helped educate the public about how the government of Iran abuses its citizens and criminalizes artistic freedom. Covered in social, local, national, and international media, from Rolling Stone magazine to PRI's "The World," and special events highlighting the challenges of women musicians in Iran.

PIM will feature original contributions by prominent LGBTQI musicians from across the African continent. Their compelling personal stories and emotive music will highlight the rampant discrimination, persecution, and the fight for equal rights across the continent. The production will benefit from assistance from Grammy-winning artists, producers. The music will be distributed for free listening on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp. Most of the effort for this project will be covered as in-kind support from allies and the artists.


Crowdsourcing Human Rights (CHR), a project of the Democracy Council, is dedicated to convening communities to support and promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights around the world. The Democracy Council is known for successfully implementing human rights programming in over 30 countries since 2000.

Cesar Alvarez, Program Director for the Democracy Council, has been managing civil society capacity-building programs in comparatively repressive societies around the world for over ten years. A versatile musician, Cesar works to promote human and civil rights grassroots activism and artistic freedom. Cesar is an active supporter of LGBTQI rights and an animal rights activist. He serves on the board of directors for Crowdsourcing Human Rights. 


Cordelia Donovan, CEO of Cordelia Donovan Public Relations Inc., directs social media for the Universal Hip Hop Museum and is a prominent activist in the trans-rights movement.


Marjan Greenblat, born and raised in Iran and executive director of the Alliance for Rights of All Minorities, is dedicated to promoting the rights of repressed peoples worldwide.


Greg Mahdesian is an executive with Servicon Systems. When he is not making music or organizing political campaigns, Greg is passionate about the intersection of art and progressive social change and how they can mutually reinforce one another. 


Jeffrey Marburg-Goodman is a Principal at JMG Global Solutions and former official in the Obama Administration. A graduate of Harvard Law School and accomplished musician with performances at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Interlochen, Jeffrey serves on the board of the LGBTQ Victory Fund & Institute and has worked on various projects promoting rights in Africa.


James Prince, as president of the Democracy Council, a leading international development non-profit organization, Jim has implemented impactful human and civil rights programs in over thirty countries. He is also a board member of Crowdsourcing Human Rights and DT Institute.


Arash Rahbary is an internationally recognized artist, musician, and producer. Arash was a producer for Homanity and worked with the Democracy Council on international programming promoting artistic freedom in repressive countries. He is also the founder, composer, and producer of internationally recognized rock band TarantisT. 


Howard Rosenman, a prominent American film producer and motion picture executive, is known for producing The Main Event, Resurrection, Father of the BrideBuffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Family Man.  He won an Oscar and Peabody Award for the AIDS documentary Common Threads and another Peabody for the documentary The Celluloid Closet about gay people in film. He also played David Goodstein, the founder of The Advocate opposite Sean Penn as Harvey Milk in Gus Van Sant's Milk.


Hamed Sinno is the lead singer of Mashrou’ Leila, one of the most popular the alternative rock bands in the Arab world. A global leader in the movement for LGBTQ+ rights, Hamed was pilloried for flying a pride flag during a 1997 concert in Cairo which resulted in numerous arrests.


Timaj Sukker is a Vice President for Partner Development at Sony Music Entertainment. Of Ethiopian descent, Timaj dedicates her free time to supporting the environment, poverty alleviation, and human rights in Africa.


Andrew Wintner is the founder & CEO of TALEA, a sensory branding agency, former Creative Director for Musicstyling. and founder of The Beat Advisory, a national music branding consultancy.

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