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Our Mission

From the beginning, Crowdsourcing Human Rights has sought to welcome people from every culture and discipline to contribute their skills to promoting and protecting a universal standard of human rights for all people. Today, more than ever, we believe in every person’s ability, regardless of their professional field, education, or financial contribution, to engage in civil society activism, improving conditions around the world, one act at a time. 



Pride in Music is the second in a series of charitable human rights solidarity Albums that leverage the historical power of music as an agent of positive social change around the globe. PIM is an effort of Crowdsourcing Human Rights (CHR).

Despite some isolated advances, the Rainbow community in Africa suffers from a culture of ignorance, intolerance, and discrimination incited by antiquated colonial-era laws. Political and religious leaders spew latent homophobia homophobia to divert attention from their failures. Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe called homosexuality "un-African" and a "white disease." Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni labels LGBTQI rights a "Western import."

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Movements is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical, not-for-profit crowdsourcing platform that connects activists in closed countries with resources and allies around the world.  Activists can request help and receive offers for assistance from trusted volunteer Resource Providers anywhere in the world. Once matched, the connection provides activists the tools they need to fight human rights abuses in their countries, supporting human rights defenders, one match at a time.  

HOMANITY is a compilation album featuring prominent Iranian artists to raise awareness about the censorship and persecution of artists in Iran. Music, although an integral part of Iranian culture, is treated by the government of the Republic of Iran as inherently corrupting and is strictly censored and can be punishable by imprisonment and even torture. In response, HOMANITY fights back against repressive regimes by showcasing censored art and artists that have dedicated their lives to standing up for freedom of expression and for a world where artists of every gender, color, religion, and sexual orientation can produce their music without fear.



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